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Start-up Day

Under the slogan ’Disrupt Agriculture’ the second FRUIT LOGISTICA Start-up Day will take place on 7 February 2020 - a special format for start-ups developing groundbreaking products, projects and ideas.

Hall 9: Where newcomers meet established companies

On Friday hall 9 turns into a networking hub for start-ups and established companies within the entire fresh produce sector. Hall 9 is the perfect place for key decision-makers who would like to get in contact with highly innovative start-ups from all over the world.

Another highlight is the Start-up Stage showcasing young companies presenting their business models and talking about new technologies as well as their future visions for the industry.

Start-ups developing intelligent solutions that improve efficiency and sustainability in the industry can apply for the Start-up Day.

Our top 20 startups in 2019 were:


Agranimo helps growers increase yields, and importers to forecast production volumes.
Our platform combines sensor data, weather forecasts, satellite and drone images with machine learning algorithms to provide site-specific recommendations and efficiency comparison.

Agri Marketplace

Agri Marketplace is a B2B cloud-based digital marketplace for real transactions of food crops. The start-up built a complete digital platform for farmers and Agro-Industry buyers with different added value services: a trade marketplace to buy & sell, with different services included like logistics, quality inspections, secure payments and legal support.


AgriTask is an Israeli company, which has undertaken the mission to improve the productivity of agriculture via extensive use of ag-data and advanced technologies.

AgriTask’s innovative BI platform & ag-operating system provides an end-to-end management platform for businesses in the agro-ecosystem.


Agroop is developing a very scalable technological solution to help farmers to monitor their crop's water needs and to predict risk factors, namely diseases and fungi.


AGTools provides real time algorithm deep data services to farmers and industry buyers regarding over 513 commodities of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and ornamentals. The data can offset volatility in the market and improve decision making to increase profitability. Targeting to reduce $350 billion per year worldwide of food waste between farms and distribution centers.


Leading software provider of next-gen, automatic quality optimization solutions for the Fresh Produce industry.

Clarifruit offers a cloud-based software platform (mobile and web interfaces) that can automatically identify, collect, and analyze real-time data about the fruit/veg external and internal characteristics.

Our big-data repository is the only industry platform capable of analyzing overall produce quality, and is uniquely positioned to derive operational insights to optimize supply-chain processes and enhance revenue opportunities.


ColdHubs is a social enterprise that designs, installs and commissions 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms in farms and marketplaces, to enable smallholder farmers, retailers and wholesalers to store and preserve fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable food, extending the shelf life from 2 days to 21 days, as such having more nutritious food available in developing countries.


Developers of Robotic Fresh Fruit Harvester.


FoodInsights built dataplatforms for fresh produce supply chains and applications for transparency (tracking & tracing, carbon footprint, performance monitoring etc.), planning (volume & quality) and finance (supply chain finance). FoodInsights supports companies active in the fresh produce supply chains.


FungiAlert increases agricultural productivity and sustainability using disruptive, in-the-field, early detection sensors, facilitating fast and affordable soil and water health testing. Their technology, SporSenZ, samples alive microorganisms (pathogenic and beneficial) which are present in high concentrations, providing for the first time, a realistic picture of soil-health and disease pressures. This information is key for guiding strategic agricultural decisions, such as: evidence based and tailored crop protection strategies; rotational decisions; variety selection; harvest time etc.

Gearbox Innovations

Gearbox creates your new colleagues: AI driven grading robots.
Are you looking for a colleague to inspect the quality of your vegetables? Do you want to gain more insight, or do you just want 100% quality control on your grading line? GearVision likes to apply! Your future colleague is a vision and AI driven grading robot, specialized in tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and other vegetables. With GearVision you will work even smarter, more efficient and consistent. Your quality makes the difference!


ImpactVision helps companies increase produce consistency and automate quality control by using hyperspectral imaging technology to non-invasively detect properties such as freshness, ripeness or pH, and the presence foreign objects in real-time. The new avocado application non-invasively determines the dry matter of every fruit in-line so similar maturities can be ripened together.


InspiraFarms produces energy-efficient refrigerated storage and food processing plants that meet global food certification standards and operate on and off grid. It is a on-farm turnkey solution that help to reduce produce losses, cut energy costs and improve market access. The package includes remote monitoring systems that provide performance analytics to clients and market information to the food industry.


Logic26 GmbH develops and supplies IoT sensors for the agriculture sector. To maximise energy and cost efficiency, Logic26 relies on SIGFOX wireless networks for data transmission. The start-up provides a GPS-based positioning solution with various sensors for recording temperature, operating hours, acceleration and location.


Motorleaf develops leading automated greenhouse technologies with artificial intelligence (AI). The primary service, automated harvest forecasts for peppers and tomatoes is the world-first and only proven technology to automate harvest yield estimates, producing yields predictions more than twice more accurate than predictions made by humans.

PATS Indoor Drone Solutions

PATS develops autonomous insect control solutions to growers, based on micro drones. With our solution flying insect pests (e.g. moths) are both monitored and eliminated, such that further spread of the pest is prevented. This helps growers to reduce losses and increase quality of their produce. It also reduces the need for (bio)insecticides and the day-to-day labor involved with crop protection. PATS helps growers to focus on their core business: growing beautiful products.

poolynk GmbH

Poolynk GmbH has developed a digital solution for cross-company load carrier management. Using the poolynk platform makes it possible for a medium-sized freight company to save up to €100,000 a year.


A new product based on novel Intellectual Property that provides real time (24x7) measurement and reporting of ethylene and volatile organic compound levels in cool stores and post-harvest operations. RipeTime surveillance allows post-harvest operators to make meaningful decisions about the quality of their fruit and do deliver produce to market in optimum condition.


SOLHO is a high-tech company that has developed a fully off-grid energy system called SPRHOUT that, using solar power and thanks to novel thermal energy storage system (TES), enables the complete energy self-sufficiency of a greenhouse based horticultural projects.


SunCity develops, builds and commercializes Mobile Solar Pumps to help small farmers switch from conventional polluting and costly diesel pumps. Our Mobile Solar Pump is completely free to operate and has no emissions.

Start-up Day


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